Since it’s founding in 2004, SPB Partners and its affiliate companies have completed in excess of $1 billion of direct investment and divestment opportunities…often with the same strategic partners, institutional investors and family offices.



SPB takes the word “Partners” in our name seriously. Our disciplined investment approach, financial expertise, and years of experience supplement our capital to provide true “value added” services to our business partners.


We leverage the experience of our investment team as a resource to management. SPB works with companies where we can partner with a management team to accelerate growth and improve profitability.


Our flexible capital structures provides management the ability to gain ownership through time and performance. This not only aligns the incentives of the management team with shareholders but also allows management to share in the value they create.


Roger Bulloch

Co-Founder and Managing Principal

Chief Executive Officer of Sher Capital. Prior to SPB Partners and Sher Capital, he was a Senior Vice President and Private Client Advisor in the Private Bank of Bank of...

Kenneth Pressberg

Co-Founder and Managing Principal

CEO of PK Equities, a real estate investment, development and management firm. With a background in law, he has more than 25 years experience developing, managing and financing all classes...

Scott Bulloch

Co-founder, Principal and CFO of SPB Partners

Scott’s expertise in transactions ranges from advising on raising capital to executing buy/sell deals as a principal. He gained his experience in roles at Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche,...

Ari Bass

Principal at SPB Partners

He was an investment banker with Chanin Capital Partners with experience in distressed and non-distressed middle market mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and troubled debt restructuring. Prior to Chanin, he...


  • Experience

    Partners that are more than just money

  • Diversify

    Diversify owner’s risk. Institutionalizing capital and debt structure; eliminating recourse debt to owner.

  • Connected

    Active involvement in driving new introductions and business

  • Organized

    Build out experienced management teams

  • Inclusion

    Inclusion of management in ownership; management agreed upon performance hurdles

  • Acquisitions

    Sourcing, evaluating and executing add-on acquisitions

  • Capital

    Providing follow-on growth and acquisition capital

  • Strategy

    Active board involvement in setting strategic direction and planning


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